Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013: Campus Fossil Fuel Divestment

Students on more than 300 campuses across the US are behind a growing movement to get schools to drop stocks in oil, gas, coal and tar sands from their investment portfolios. Among them are students at the University of Washington. Students are rallying at the University’s Board of Regents today to draw attention to the issue. Martha Baskin reports.

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Jay Taber said...

Divestment won't change a thing environmentally. It will only change ownership of some shares of a dirty industry from public institutions to private ones--like the banks we bailed out with our tax dollars. Moral theatrics like divestment and Keystone XL protests might make students feel virtuous, but they do nothing for the environment. I guess that's why corporate foundations fund NGOs that promote such nonsense.